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MyCena revolutionary solution helps organizations encrypt all their access so employees never know their passwords
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95% of breaches are due to people knowing passwords

Your cybersecurity investments are useless when criminals log in

  • Currently, employees create passwords to access systems, such as IAM, PAM, SSO, remote access, intranet, firewalls, IT and OT systems, web and local applications, databases,…
  • These passwords are weak like Password123, shared, phished, sold, reused, written and easily stolen.
  • One stolen access can lead to data loss, extortion, business interruption, ransomware, espionage, supply chain attacks, penalties, lawsuits, repairs, loss of reputation and bankruptcy.


MyCena® breakthrough technology stops people knowing passwords

No more human error like password phishing, fraud, reuse, social engineering…

  • From the MyCena console, the company manages and distributes highly secure encrypted passwords for each system to employees, which they use as keys.
  • Integration with IAM, PAM, SSO, web applications, local applications, RDP, SSH, WDE… is already integrated into the MyCena process.
  • Employees don’t know passwords, which eliminates human error such as password phishing and sharing, and therefore 95% of breaches.

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Password Protection in Minutes
Password Protection in Minutes

How MyCena® end-to-end secure distribution works (patented)

Password Protection in Minutes

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How MyCena Works

Without infrastructure change, companies use the MyCena console to create strong random passwords like 7D£bShX*#Wbqj-2-CiQS%fRlaf$jWPkQ for all systems and distribute them encrypted to employees, so no one ever knows their passwords.

Thus, employees are completely protected from password phishing and errors via a single, easy-to-manage centralized management platform.


Employees don’t know passwords

Employees have no password to create, remember, see, know or type.

Instead, they:

  • Find their credentials in their MyCena application Bronze, Silver or Gold level.
  • Click to open page & auto-fill encrypted password.
  • No single points of failure. no employees’ identity loss. no ransomware. no supply-chain attacks.

MyCena® adds protective overlay to secure existing cyber investments

Password Protection in Minutes

digital fire doors stop systemic risks

Password Protection in Minutes

MyCena provides huge benefits across the organization

Password Protection in Minutes


  • Company controls its passwords, not the employees
  • Stops 95% of breaches before they happen
  • Secures digital access for employees and contractors
  • Protects existing cybersecurity investments
  • Automates expiry and change of passwords without employee knowledge
Password Protection in Minutes


  • Risk of supply-chain attack, network takeover, ransomware, business interruption.
  • Risk of identity or password theft, fraud, sharing, selling
  • Risk of D&O liabilities post-breach
  • Risk of Non-compliance with GDPR, LGPD, HIPAA…
  • Risk of repair and recovery costs, penalties, lawsuits
  • Risk of cyber-insurance not paying out claims if employees control access
Password Protection in Minutes


  • No password resets
  • No password policy training
  • Improve access management efficiency and governance
  • Improve employee productivity
Password Protection in Minutes


  • Improves employee morale
  • Reduce employee churn
  • Protects CISO /IT security from getting fired after successful phishing attack if MyCena proposal was sent to board without getting approved
Password Protection in Minutes

Improve Employee Mental Health

With MyCena, employees no longer need to create and manage company passwords.

They just need to find the right key to open the right door.

This allows them to save brain space, eliminate the stress of remembering passwords, and eliminate the risk of password phishing.

Password Protection in Minutes

Eliminate password resets and save money

By using encrypted passwords, employees can no longer forget them. This saves companies money on password resets costs — US$70 per reset according to Forrester — and password training costs.

With 56% of people forgetting passwords at least once a month according to Statista, that represents significant savings. For example, a 1,000-people company can save 1,000 x 56% x US$70 = US$ 39,300 per month on password resets alone.

Using encrypted passwords also increases employee productivity since they don’t need to wait for forgotten passwords to be reset.

Password Protection in Minutes
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