“A problem well stated is a problem half solved” - Charles Franklin Kettering

Our mission: Secure Access

95% of breaches use access because employees create their own passwords or use their identity to access company data.

In the physical world, it would be as if employees entered offices and factories using their own keys.

Aware their employees are their largest attack surface for criminals but unaware their access management flow is the source of this gaping vulnerability, organizations multiplied the risk of data loss by using single-access solutions with disproportionate effects.

Now criminals need just one password (e.g., Solarwinds123) to render all cybersecurity investments useless, steal data, launch ransomware and supply chain attacks.

This cybersecurity approach is posing serious financial and operational threats to businesses with an incalculable impact on people and society.

To turn things around, it was necessary to completely rethink the access management flow. That’s what MyCena did by making Encrypted Access Management the foundational pillar of cybersecurity.

 From Passwords Nightmares…to the Birth of MyCena
 From Passwords Nightmares…to the Birth of MyCena
 From Passwords Nightmares…to the Birth of MyCena

A Chance Trip

The story of MyCena begins in the 90s, when like many people, founder Julia O’Toole saw her number of passwords multiply.

Unable to remember them, she was confronted with the daily nightmare of login pages. Having explored all the solutions available, from password books to password managers, she dismissed them all because of their lack of security. After years of research in mathematics, neuroscience and technology, it was a travel back in time that triggered the solution.

Walking among the ruins of the 3,000-year-old ancient Greek city of Mycenae, Julia observed how the ancient Mycenaeans had used the city’s architecture to protect themselves. Having built three concentric walls around the city, you had to pass a first gate, called the Lions’ Gate to enter the city, then a second to access the garrison, then a third to access the king’s palace.

There she had an epiphany: “A password is just a key. No one cuts their keys to get home. We take the right key to open the right door. In the same way, no one needs to remember any password.”

 From Passwords Nightmares…to the Birth of MyCena

Old Technique, New Technology

Inspired by the security of the ancient city of Mycenae and the Method of Access of Structured Stored Data, MyCena has developed a state-of-the-art technology that facilitates the management of encrypted keys. It allows companies to easily generate and distribute highly secure encrypted passwords for each system in real time to employees.

Employees use their passwords as keys without knowing them. Companies retain full control of their access and can verify all access events from a centralized console without ever knowing any password.

 Introducing the Password Fortress
 Making Password Protection Painless

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