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95% Of Breaches Are Due To Human Error Because Employees Know Passwords

  • Currently, employees create passwords to access systems, such as IAM, PAM, SSO, remote access, intranet, firewalls, IT and OT systems, web and local applications, databases,…
  • These passwords are weak like Password123, shared, phished, sold, reused, written and easily stolen.
  • One stolen access can lead to data loss, extortion, business interruption, ransomware, espionage, supply chain attacks, penalties, lawsuits, repairs, loss of reputation and bankruptcy.


A Game-Changer : Mycena Encrypts Every Password, So Employees Don’t Know Them

  • From the MyCena console, the company manages and distributes highly secure encrypted passwords for each system to employees, which they use as keys.
  • Integration with IAM, PAM, SSO, web applications, local applications, RDP, SSH, WDE… is already integrated into the MyCena process.
  • Employees don’t know passwords, which eliminates human error such as password phishing and sharing, and therefore 95% of breaches.

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Password Protection in Minutes
Password Protection in Minutes

How MyCena Works

Without infrastructure change, companies use the MyCena console to create strong random passwords like 7D£bShX*#Wbqj-2-CiQS%fRlaf$jWPkQ for all systems and distribute them encrypted to employees, so no one ever knows their passwords.

Thus, employees are completely protected from password phishing and errors via a single, easy-to-manage centralized management platform.


Employees don’t know passwords

Employees have no password to create, remember, see, know or type.

Instead, they:

  • Find their credentials in their MyCena application Bronze, Silver or Gold level.
  • Click to open page & auto-fill encrypted password.


An Easy-To-Implement Overlay, Mycena Protects Existing Tools’ Access From Most Common Attacks

Password Protection in Minutes

Mycena is a radical shift from post-breach to pre-breach strategy

Password Protection in Minutes

Mycena Brings Cyber-Resilience, Risk Mitigation, Cost Savings And Employee Well-Being Benefits

Password Protection in Minutes


  • Company controls its passwords, not the employees.
  • Stop 95% of breaches before they happen
  • Protect existing cybersecurity investments such as IAM/PAM/ SSO
  • Secure digital access for employees and contractors
  • Automate expiry and change of passwords without employee knowledge
Password Protection in Minutes


  • No identity or password theft, fraud, sharing, selling
  • Reduce risk of supply-chain attack, network takeover, ransomware, business interruption
  • Reduce D&O liabilities risk
  • Reduce risk of GDPR, LGPD, HIPAA… breach
  • Reduce recovery costs, penalties, class actions, risk of cyber-insurance not paying out
Password Protection in Minutes


  • No password policy training
  • No password resets
  • Improve access management efficiency and governance
  • Improve employee productivity
Password Protection in Minutes


  • Improve employee morale and trust
  • Reduce employee churn
  • Protect CISO /IT security reputation and job after successful phishing attack if MyCena proposal was sent to the board without further action

Cyber-Resilience Quickly Rises With Deployment Of MyCena

  • MyCena plug-and-play solution allows companies to change all their systems locks without changing infrastructure
  • Using the 80/20 rule, protect vital systems and the most sensitive and important data

Password Protection in Minutes
Password Protection in Minutes

Improve Employee Mental Health

With MyCena, employees no longer need to create and manage company passwords.

They just need to find the right key to open the right door.

This allows them to save brain space, eliminate the stress of remembering passwords, and eliminate the risk of password phishing.

Password Protection in Minutes

Eliminate password resets and save money

By using encrypted passwords, employees can no longer forget them. This saves companies money on password resets costs — US$70 per reset according to Forrester — and password training costs.

With 56% of people forgetting passwords at least once a month according to Statista, that represents significant savings. For example, a 1,000-people company can save 1,000 x 56% x US$70 = US$ 39,300 per month on password resets alone.

Using encrypted passwords also increases employee productivity since they don’t need to wait for forgotten passwords to be reset.

Password Protection in Minutes
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Customer Testimonial


From compliance with LGPD to thwarting brute force attacks

"When we started the project to adapt the company to the LGPD, in the first few months we learned about and adopted the Mycena Security – Business Fortress credential management solution, as we understood that, at that time, having protection of the credentials of assets and systems would make us less vulnerable to attacks and invasions. It was a great surprise to have the result in the first weeks when Microsoft Azure security tools pointed out that some brute force attack attempts were frustrated due to the tool architecture, usability, and strong passwords we achieved when we started adopting Mycena."


Reduction of contractual fines and other financial losses arising from fraudulent actions

"With Mycena we eliminate the sharing of passwords among employees. In other words, we make the environment strong and safe against improper actions; and in cases where such actions occur, we can directly attack the Root cause through the IP monitoring that the solution offers. This is now considered legal evidence for action of just cause, as we were able to prove systemically that the action departed from the employee intentionally. Another detail here is the trust we pass on to our client contractor influencing indirectly the portfolio/volume increase for our EPS. Thus increasing revenue"


Reduction of unproductive hours

“With the use of Mycena we reduced by approx. 95% the pauses and loss of LOG arising from password forgetfulness or excessive unsuccessful attempts. By attacking this reduction, we increased the productive capacity for delivery of the planned work to reach our KPIs.  This directly affects the entire planning process because with greater production capacity we hire a smaller number of people (we reduce the % of unavailability that we put in sizing) and no longer have burden on KPIs, going to the bonus scenario in billing."


Solution to counter rising cyberattacks with COVID-19 Work From Home

" I assumed the position of responsible for the company's technical area at the peak of the pandemic. All of our home-office employees were remotely accessing the server, with all access centralized being fast and convenient, until we started having out-of-hours access attempts from unidentified addresses. That's when the need arose for a tool to segmented access  this user information and increase our security. With MyCena I can have total control over the accesses and passwords of each user, facilitating the identification of access and password control in a single portal, in addition to the reports that we can extract quickly and conveniently.”

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