MyCena Partner Program

MyCena’s partners are at the heart of our strategy. Thanks to you, we empower people and organizations to thrive in the digital world, by building a secure and cyber-resilient digital network.

From Passwords Nightmares…to the Birth of MyCena

What Is MyCena Partner Program?

MyCena Partner Program is a best-in-class global program that puts our partners at the very heart of our company strategy. Beyond helping their customers protect themselves online with the ultimate password protection, our partners drive renewed growth and value for their entire business ecosystem

MyCena is the most complete enterprise password solution available today. Our highly scalable solution brings the convenience of mobile access with the safety that organizations not only demand but absolutely need today.

From Passwords Nightmares…to the Birth of MyCena

Want To Become A Partner?

The MyCena Partner Program drives value and profitable growth for our partners through clear rules and structures. As a partner, our program rewards you for your investment in positioning MyCena as the ultimate password security solution for your clients, providing you with incentives, resources and advantages, as you increase your level of commitment to our company.

At MyCena, our strategy is built around our partners and our chief goal is to make this program key to your success. Our partners are an essential piece of the puzzle that makes MyCena a top-of-the-line and best-in-class password solution available to protect businesses globally. While we pursue this goal, we want to make sure that our partnership stays 100% mutually beneficial and successful.

Introducing the Password Fortress
Making Password Protection Painless
Making Password Protection Painless

Benefits For Your Clients

The biggest reason for your clients to take up MyCena is to lock down their “front door”. By taking advantage of our Partner Program, you can help your clients get the strongest password solution available, which provides them with two key benefits:

  • Risk Management Help your clients cut down their cyber-risks as much as possible by using the strongest password security across the entire organization and cutting-edge technology to decentralize passwords storage. By using MyCena, your customers prevent hackers from gaining entry through the front door.
  • Value Added Solution Offer more value to your clients by including MyCena as a part of your business solutions, and transfer only a marginal cost to them or even offer it for FREE, depending on their level of commitment to you.
Making Password Protection Painless

Benefits For You

This is all great news and can certainly help you strengthen relationships with your clients, both in the short and long term. But what’s in it for you and your organization, specifically?

Let’s review the key opportunities:

  • Establish top-tier authority in the cybersecurity industry
  • Enjoy best-in class partner benefits
  • Position your business for better expansion with the strongest password security solution in your business arsenal
Introducing the Password Fortress

And that’s not all. Here are financial benefits which you can enjoy by increasing your profits and developing a business model to better suit your clients as well as your market:

  • Special pricing Tiered discounts based on number of ‘seats’ purchased and partnership level which, in turn, will drive more value.
  • Rebates End-of- year rebates based on target and goal achievement.
  • Rewards Special recognition program for our top partners who offer specialized, bespoke experiences to their clients.
  • Finder’s Fee Fee-based rewards for opportunities identified but end-sale closed directly by MyCena or other partners.
  • Deal Protection Opportunity Registration Process which protects the seeded deal.

Making Password Protection Painless
Making Password Protection Painless

Using MyCena Partner Portal

Our simple-to-use dashboard is where you will find all the resources you need as our Partner, including collaterals, videos, technical sheets and an Opportunity Registration System (learn more).

To access the MyCena Partner Portal, use your login details, which you will receive after signing up to become a registered MyCena Partner and agreeing to our PSA (Partner Services Agreement).

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