Discover the full range of MyCena Segmented Access Management solutions, based on the multi-level security of MyCena Fortress

Generate strong passwords

Three levels of security

One door - One key

Using convenience to increase security

MyCena App

  • No master password or central point of failure
  • No passwords to create, type, see or remember
  • Encrypted passwords only available to owner with a combination of fingerprint, face ID, PIN, lock pattern and passphrase
  • Three levels of security (Bronze, Silver or Gold) for different sensitivity credentials
Using convenience to increase security

MyCena Console


  • Manage passwords, systems password rules and attributes
  • Manage roles and permissions (MDC only)
  • Manage list of users (upload list or use Active Directory)
  • Manage who receives what credentials (manage attributes)
  • Monitor usage and potential fraud (add-on: Governance, Risk & Compliance module)

Using convenience to increase security
  • Finger Print
  • Unlock pattern
  • Passphrase
  • Finger Print
  • Unlock pattern
  • Passphrase
  • Finger Print
  • Unlock pattern
  • Passphrase

No Master Password

No single point of failure
There is no risk of forgetting or losing a master key that could compromise all other passwords.

No vulnerability to credential stuffing
There is no master password for hackers to crack.

Local Password Storage

Passwords are not stored on cloud password servers
Your passwords are kept in your pocket and won’t be harvested in a data breach.

Each individual user keeps passwords with them
There is no central location where millions of passwords are kept, so no password “honey pot “.

Decentralized Password Storage
Three levels of security for passwords

Three Levels Of Security

Bronze, Silver and Gold levels
Don’t put all your passwords in the same place. We recommend to use Bronze level for the least sensitive passwords like newsletters, Silver level for the medium sensitivity passwords like social media and Gold for the most sensitive passwords like banking.

Only you can access
Use a combination of authentications including finger print, face ID, PIN, lock pattern and voice passphrase to access each level.


Three levels of security for passwords

Encrypted Synchronisation And Backups

Passwords are encrypted
Passwords are encrypted on your mobile device. Without your identifications, a thief cannot open your MyCena to see your passwords. If a thief hacks into your mobile files, without MyCena, passwords will show as 0s and 1s, making them unusable.

Backups and synchronization are encrypted
Every time you are connected, a .mycena encrypted backup is generated on your company console. In case you lose your mobile device, you can ask your manager for this file. Your backup file can only be reloaded onto your MyCena account, not anyone else’s.

AES-SHA 256 Encryption
Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator

Never worry about password length and strength
Set the password length requirement for your company. Every time you need a password, MyCena will generate a strong and unique one. If you want to change it, tap Generate Password.

Never worry about weak or similar passwords

  • People are vulnerable to password hacking because they reuse the same passwords and their variations.
  • MyCena creates totally random passwords to protect you from using predictable patterns. Creates strong passwords for you.
  • Each password 100% unique.
Strong Password Generator

Multi-Platform, Multi-Device

MyCena can be used on all iOS and Android mobile devices, making it easy to deploy across the organization.

MyCena Business users can install the app on multiple devices, and synchronize regularly to keep multiple active copies of their passwords.


Copy And Paste

Never type a password
Passwords are like keys. You don’t need to know how they are made, you just need to know how to use them. Similarly, while using MyCena, you don’t need to know the password, you just need to copy the right password in the right place. On you mobile device, touch the password to copy, then paste it in the right password field. That saves a lot of time and also prevents typing mistakes.

MyCena web extension
You can use the clipboard of your device to copy and paste passwords. Alternately, you can download our web extension to copy and paste your passwords directly on your desktop.

MyCena Web Extension
Strong Password Generator

Easy Search

Search logos
MyCena automatically uploads the logo of the site when you type the URL. Use the visual icons to find your passwords faster.

Search url or login
Finding the right key among hundreds can be a chore. Type the URL or login to find the right password faster.

Strong Password Generator

Safe Passwords Sharing

Passwords sometimes need to be shared with colleagues. The “Receive shared passwords” feature makes it safe and seamless.

Safe Passwords Sharing


On MyCena Business, you pay for a set number of seats. To make your life easier, you can buy seats annually or monthly, increasing or decreasing the number of ‘seats’ as needed.

MyCena Fortress


On MyCena Business, you pay for a set number of seats. To make your life easier, you can buy seats annually or monthly, increasing or decreasing the number of ‘seats’ as needed.

MyCena Fortress
Strong Password Generator

Travel Mode

Away from your home or desk? Activate Travel mode. In the event of device loss or theft, you can get a new device and re-upload your passwords easily.

Change phone number
MyCena verifies your phone before you can create a new fortress with your account and re-upload your passwords. If needed you can change your number while traveling.

Automatic synchronization
Your routine can change when you travel. In Travel mode, your passwords are automatically synchronized with the temporary cloud backup, just in case you get stuck abroad and need your passwords.

Strong Password Generator

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