Discover the full range of MyCena Segmented Access Management solutions, based on the multi-level security of MyCena Fortress

MyCena Business Fortress (MBF)

The business version of MyCena for small organizations to secure their access and increase their cyber resilience.


1. Manage all your access from one console

Are you struggling to manage all the digital access of your business?

Using convenience to increase security

With MyCena Business Fortress, keep control of all your access. From the console, you can generate strong, random passwords for all your business’s applications (IT, OT, IoT), and distribute them encrypted to your employees.

You can also assign different roles and permissions to your employees and allow them to generate passwords from their application.

2. No single access that opens all doors at once

Are you worried that a password stolen from one of your employees could turn into a ransomware attack?

Unlike single access solutions, MyCena does not have a single point of failure that allows an intruder to open all doors at once. The application is structured into several levels of security (Bronze, Silver, Gold) that allow passwords to be segregated by importance and individually.

With access segmented and passwords all different, the potential damage caused by a stolen login is limited by default to this system, making it impossible to move laterally, escalate privileges, or take control of the network. This structural cyber-resilience removes the risk of business interruption, supply chain attacks, and ransomware.

  • Finger Print
  • Unlock pattern
  • Passphrase
  • Finger Print
  • Unlock pattern
  • Passphrase

3. Increase the entropy of passwords

Not sure if your employees’ passwords are weak or reused?

Using convenience to increase security

With MBF, your employees no longer create your company’s passwords. The organization generates strong, random passwords for each application from the console.  By using passwords of very high entropy, i.e. made of 25, 30, 50 random characters, the probability of criminals finding them by brute force or by future quantum attacks is almost zero.


Passwords are stored encrypted and users only need to look for the password inside one of the security levels of their MBF application, copy and paste it to use it.

4. Passwords are easy to use

With MyCena, there is no need to see, know or type your passwords. You simply do copy/paste.

  • On your mobile: Tap the password and paste it anywhere
  • On your desktop: Use the free MyCena browser extension to connect your mobile to your desktop (available for Chrome). Paste your passwords anywhere on your desktop.
Using convenience to increase security

5. No forgotten password to reset

Did you know that 56% of people forget and reset a password at least once a month and cost businesses an average of $70 each time?

Using convenience to increase security

With MBF, there are no more passwords to know or type. Passwords are used as digital keys.  No one would think of cutting up their keys before going home.  It’s the same with MyCena.  Just find the right key and  put it in the right place.  And since we do not forget what we do not know, there are no more passwords forgotten and to reset.

Eliminating password resets saves an average of US$70 per reset, according to a Forrester study, and increases employee productivity.  MyCena also eliminates the fatigue and anxiety caused by passwords mental load, whether it is creating them, remembering them, changing them, not reusing them…

6. Encrypted and locally accessible passwords

You are traveling, without internet, but still need that password?

With MBF, passwords are encrypted locally on the device, and can be synced across multiple devices with the same account in travel mode. Users can access their passwords from anywhere, make encrypted backups, while managers can manage all these permissions from the console. A light version of MyCena GRC module allows you to track password access logs in real time.

Using convenience to increase security

7. Passwords shareable encrypted from your mobile

You have to share a password with someone via SMS, email or chat, and you are worried that this password will be intercepted?

Using convenience to increase security

With MyCena, if permissions allow, users can share encrypted passwords with their colleagues from application to application. They just need the application on their device.

Find the password you want to share and click the “Share” icon to generate a code. Send this code to the recipient who can then receive the encrypted password directly in their MyCena MBF or MPF password fortress.

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