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Ukraine tests cyber resilience


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to hackers on both sides preparing for further escalation. There has been a rise in attacks since the start of the year as tensions have increased, including various data wipers, phishing campaigns and DDoS attacks. This is not only bad news for the countries involved, but for everybody. As we have seen in the past, modern cyberattacks have the potential to affect many more institutions than the intended target. One of the most famous examples is an appropriate example: In 2017, Russian hackers targeted Ukrainian organisations, including the National Bank of Ukraine, with the NotPetya attack. The attack spilled to organisations around the world, eventually costing over $10billion in damage, according to a US government assessment. Should another severe attack occur in Ukraine or Russia, it has the potential to affect every country around the world – meaning everybody should look to increase their cyber resilience as much as possible.