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Top cybersecurity trends of 2023


Forbes have named their top cybersecurity trends of 2023. As weak credentials threaten critical industries and cybersecurity moves up to the director level, we see several recent trends continuing into the next year:

  • 1. IoT, cloud and connected devices will need even more security measures to secure critical infrastructure.
  • 2. Businesses and organisations will have to work more to secure remote employees, including protecting them from vulnerable devices and weak login credentials.
  • 3. State-sponsored attackers will begin to target businesses as well as national infrastructure to influence national foreign policy.
  • 4. Artificial intelligence will continue to play a bigger role in cybersecurity, helping to speed up intrusion detection systems and essential security tools.
  • 5. Organisations will have to build a security-first culture to avoid attacks, educating workforces on essential security practices while using security tools to protect key resources.

While none of these trends are new, they show the ongoing need for businesses and critical infrastructure to take stronger measures to protect their systems.