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Over 80 per cent of cyber breaches are preventable


A recent report from Verizon revealed several crucial insights into cybersecurity. Analysing over 23,000 incidents and 5,000 breaches, the report pinpointed some common issues affecting businesses around the world. Chief among them, the results showed that 82 per cent of all cyber breaches came through human error – weak passwords, stolen credentials, phishing, or human error. Julia O’Toole, Founder and CEO of MyCena Security Solutions, explained how the report showed the weakness of modern organisations’ security practices, “Most companies let their employees control the access credentials to their infrastructure and assets. That is essentially giving up control of access from day one. When someone else controls your company’s digital keys, you are no longer in charge of what happens to them.” Until businesses address the root cause of these breaches, they will continue to happen.