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The experts at MyCena have developed a new security solution designed to put organisations back in control of their data security by providing the ultimate in password protection.

Introducing the first-ever decentralised password security platform, MyCena aims to help companies keep all their passwords strong and safe. The MyCena approach is both localised and decentralised, ensuring customers can keep their encrypted passwords with them at all times – and not on a cloud-server.
The scalable solution brings all the convenience of mobile access and safety which modern businesses demand, yet which has previously eluded other attempts at safeguarding against theft of valuable password information.

Within the last year alone, there was a 420% increase in cyber breaches, and reports show that passwords have been linked to over 80% of data breaches. MyCena founder Julia O’Toole says it has taken her decades to come up with a viable solution. She had personally struggled with maintaining strong and secure passwords before visualising the solution while walking among the ruins of Mycenae, a 3000 year old Ancient City in Greece. To protect their city-state, architects in the Bronze age had designed three concentric layers of security to keep enemies away. Julia was inspired by the system to create a multi-layered vault to secure passwords in your pocket called MyCena.

In contrast to other solutions on the market, MyCena has taken a renewed look at the demands of password protection – an approach which allows companies to successfully decentralize identity management while simplifying password security compliance.

In essence, MyCena allows users to be in full control of their passwords. An easy-to-use interface allows users to generate strong unique passwords for all their accounts, then select one of three levels of security depending on the account sensitivity. When users create their own password fortress, they register a combination of unique personal authentication including fingerprint or face scan. That makes access to each level secure and convenient. Passwords are kept on the device, and not on the cloud. User biometrics are also crucially kept on the device, ensuring there is no risk of these irreplaceable data sets being hacked or leaked.

To ensure users’ convenience and safety, the company has added advanced functionalities including copy and paste passwords, encrypted multi-device synchronization, travel mode and encrypted backups.

With 60% of small businesses having gone out of business following a cyber- attack, MyCena has now launched their Partner Program, a best-in-class global program that places each partner at the very heart of the company strategy, driving renewed value and growth for the ecosystem. Thanks to the company’s global reach, MyCena looks forward to putting an end to weak passwords all over the world, allowing companies to remain at the very forefront of cybersecurity.

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