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CSRB Exposes Lapsus$ Hacker Group’s Cyber Extortion Activities and Systemic Failures Enabling Them


Lapsus$ exposed the largest security gap of organisations: the access process where employees create their passwords to access your systems. Imagine if employees use their own keys to enter your office or factory.

To close this security gap, use to Encrypted Access Management:
- Company generates and distributes highly secure encrypted passwords for each system to employees, to be used like keys.
- Integration with web apps, local apps, RDP, SSH, WDE, terminals… already embed in the MyCena process.
- Employees don’t know passwords, so no password phishing, fraud, error, eliminating 95% of breaches.

"According to the report, the hacker group employed simple but effective techniques, such as phishing employees and stealing phone numbers to gain access.

The success of these techniques exposed “weak points in our cyber infrastructure” that could be exploited for future attacks, the report said."