Find out what CSL (Credentials Security Level) you need by taking this 6-point survey
1/6. Are you and/or your IT employees using unique passwords to protect your servers, applications, networks, databases, devices following cybersecurity best practices and in compliance with privacy laws like GDPR, LGPD, CCPA?
The reason is 81% of data breaches start with weak, stolen and reused passwords. A weak password can be admin, 123456 or John123$$ and is created by a human. In contrast, a strong password is randomly generated like YhJ2vGkFaFTc=Aj or 8ui%[email protected]
2/6. How many third-party organisations integrated with?
The reason is the bigger your cluster, the more people you can infect if you are breached. Think of a virus in a community of 50 or 5000 people
3/6. Has any of the credentials of your leadership, IT or managers been leaked in a data breach?
4/6. How large is your mobile workforce?
5/6. Do you work in a critical industry? Ex: Aerospace, defence, law enforcement, healthcare, avionics, energy, utilities, mobility, telecom infrastructure…
6/6. Do you work in a containerised environment ( call center, contact center...)?
Thank you for taking your Credentials Security Level Survey.
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