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By MyCena | Posted on : 28 May 2021

New MyCena extension allows automatic filling of credentials

We are very excited to introduce the new auto-fill feature for MyCena Desk Center (MDC) application.

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How companies handed cybersecurity to employees… and how MyCena is changing that

By MyCena | Posted on : 26 February 2021

Take a moment and imagine… Imagine a company letting their employees make their own keys to access the company building, elevators, floors, doors, data rooms…

By MyCena | Posted on : 5 February 2021

On Monday18 January 2020, when Angers town hall employees arrived at work, they found a notice stuck on the main door asking them to not switch on their computers.

A tale of two pandemics

By MyCena | Posted on : 8 January 2021

2020 will be remembered as a gloomy year. As fate would have it, the world suffered the worst viral and cyber pandemics in history simultaneously.

By MyCena | Posted on : 23 November 2020

More than four in 10 people clicked on a phishing link via ‘LinkedIn’ during Q3, says a new report. Data presented by the Atlas VPN team says that emails impersonating LinkedIn had a 47% open rate.

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