MyCena is a decentralized password security solution that turns your mobile device into a password fortress.
From Passwords Nightmares…to the Birth of MyCena

From Passwords Nightmares…To The Birth Of MyCena

Like many people, Julia O’Toole, founder of MyCena, saw her number of passwords rise from 2- 3 to hundreds in the last two decades. Unable to remember all those passwords, she had password nightmares of being face-to-face with a login page.

She tried all available solutions, from password books to password managers, but discarded them all for their lack of security. Her path to solve her problem involved decades of personal research in the fields of neuroscience, mathematics and technology, but it was a trip back in time that actually triggered the solution.

A few years ago, while walking among the ruins of the 3000-year-old Greek city of Mycenae, Julia observed how the ancient Myceneans had used architecture to protect their city. They had built three layers of walls around it. The first gate was the Lion’s gate and opened to the city itself. Once inside the city, there was a second gate that gave access to the garrison. Once inside the garrison, there was a third gate that gave access to the king’s palace.

“What if the problem was never the password itself but making the right password accessible to the right person, and that person only?”. That epiphany gave her the structure to solve the password problem.


It took a few years to develop and mature the solution, one that would provide both password security and access convenience, using the patent-pending Method of Access for Structured Stored Data. It essentially creates a password fortress for the user with multiple levels of security, one inside the other.

Once created, users can access their own passwords through a combination of authentication, including fingerprint, face ID, PIN, lock pattern and voice passphrase, all unique to them.

The MyCena mobile application transforms your smart device into a portable digital vault, which you can keep on you at all times, and one that only you have access to.

Introducing the Password Fortress

The app conveniently generates a strong and unique password for every account, so that you don’t have to rack your brains every time just to think of a strong, unique and random password. Then, the app offers the option to save passwords inside a Bronze, Silver or Gold level – depending on what kind of passwords you’re storing.

Staying with the simplicity of the original idea, MyCena user interface remains extremely simple and easy-to-use, while the most advanced technological features give users the ultimate safety and access convenience.

Making Password Protection Painless
Making Password Protection Painless


For the Security Manager or Business Owner, MyCena Business Fortress is a solution that makes password protection really simple, straightforward and headache-free.

To enroll your organization, click on sign up and create an account. Once your account is set up, you can upload a file with your employees’ name and email. From thereon, MyCena will take care of the whole onboarding process: employees will receive an email with instructions on how to download MyCena on their smartphones and tablets from the Appstore or Google Play, how to create their password fortress and how to keep their passwords safe.

Start using MyCena today if you’re still doing one of the following:

  • Not protecting the “front door” of your organization with strong and unique passwords
  • Using a master password to enter/use all your applications
  • Using passwords such as names of places or birthdays
  • Reusing passwords or variations
  • Not securing your passwords
Making Password Protection Painless