“A problem well stated is a problem half solved”

MyCena was born from our founder's personal need to solve her password security issues. But if necessity is the mother of all invention, a trip back in time inspired the solution. A few years ago while visiting the ancient Greek city of Mycenae, the simple logic applied in the Late Bronze Age caught Julia's attention. The Myceneans had built their city inside three concentric walls of protection: the first gate protected the city, the second gate the garrison, the third gate the King and his palace. Applying that logic, the MyCena mobile application was launched with the mission to make passwords security as simple as possible.

Voice passphrase gives you access to your Gold Level accounts - the third and most secure level of protection. If your passphrase doesn’t work or if you are offline, you can use type passphrase instead. In case forgot your passphrase, you need to go to Menu / Settings and reset them.

Note: To access Settings, you need to enter Bronze or Silver Level, then enter the email code sent to the registered device, and answer the security questions.

Note: We recommend you use an unusual passphrase like “My cat loves carrots”.

If your fingerprint doesn't work anymore, you won't be able to access your passwords on that device and will need to reset your account. This is an instance when making regular backups comes into its own!

Delete the app from your device and download it again. Click ‘I already have an account’ and create a new MyCena. Go to Settings, tap ‘Import passwords’ and select the backup file.

Note: Since each account has a unique encryption key, your backup will only work for the account it has been created with. If you create a new account with a new email address, you will not be able to upload the passwords backup.

By having three levels of security, MyCena Personal Fortress distributes the risk of exposing all your passwords at once. Imagine if you have opened Bronze level to get a password, someone who snatches your device won’t be able to get your Silver and Gold level passwords.

We advise:

  • Putting less sensitive passwords in the Bronze Level, mainly non-personal and non-financial accounts like newsletter subscriptions
  • Keeping medium sensitivity passwords in the Silver Level like your social accounts
  • Storing highly sensitive passwords in the Gold Level, for example banking and credit cards

To access the Bronze Level, you can choose either fingerprint, face ID or PIN depending on their device and preference.

Yes, you can use MyCena Personal Fortress on multiple iOS and Android devices with the same account. See ‘How to synchronize passwords on multiple devices’.

No. We can’t see not store any passwords. Only you have access to your passwords. Make sure you regularly backup or synchronize their passwords in case they lose their main device.

Your passwords are encrypted using AES-SHA 256 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm and stored inside your device. Since each account has its own cryptographic key, your encrypted backup file is only usable with your account. You are the only one with access to your passwords or who can reupload your backup. Make sure you save the encrypted file somewhere safe or in multiple locations. You can also synchronize your passwords on multiple devices to keep as copies.

MyCena keeps your passwords safe but you can use it to store other information. To store a credit card detail, click on the right hand corner of your create new password screen and scan the front of your card. You can also add crypto-wallet keychain, filevault encryption key, secret questions and answers... only you will know.

A good way to think about passwords is to think of them as your keys. If you have a new password and you don’t want to lose it, make a backup copy after creating it.

You have three backup options:

  1. 1. Enter your MyCena app. In the top left-hand corner, click Menu then go to Settings. Once you are in Settings, choose Export passwords to download an encrypted .mycena file of your local passwords. We recommend you send that file to a safe place outside your device ( such as emailing it to yourself or someone you trust, or saving it on a USB). This file is unusable without your MyCena Personal Fortress account.
  2. 2. Synchronise your passwords between devices ( see How do I synchronize passwords across multiple devices? )
  3. 3. Use Travel Mode. ( see How do I use Travel Mode?)On y

You can use your MyCena account across multiple iOS and Android devices (phone, tablet).

On device 1: Enter MyCena. In the top left-hand corner, click Menu then go to Settings. Once you are in Settings, choose ‘Synchronize passwords’. Your passwords are temporarily saved to the cloud.

On device 2: You first need to download MyCena Personal Fortress on your mobile device. Click ‘I already have an account’ and create a new MyCena password fortress on the new device. Once done, enter MyCena. In the top left-hand corner, click Menu then go to Settings. Once you are in Settings, choose ‘Synchronize passwords’. Your passwords will be downloaded on your device.

Remember to delete the temporary cloud backup from either device.

If the website has an icon, MyCena will display it automatically when you type the full website address like Some websites don't have an icon, so you can add one by clicking on the globe icon and select a photo, or download the icon from your device.

Find the password and open it. Click ‘Edit’. You can now can change url, login, password, notes and level of security. Click ‘Save’.

To use a password, open the level where the password was saved. Use the search bar to type in the name of the website or login to find the right account. Tap on the account to open it. Touch the password to copy it.

  • • On your mobile: touch the screen to paste the password
  • • On your desktop: Connect your mobile device to your desktop using MyCena browser extension. Click on the MyCena browser extension icon to copy password. Click on the place you want to paste the password and press CTRL+V ( or CMD+V) to paste it.

MyCena provides three levels of security. To access the Bronze Level (first level), your need either fingerprint, PIN or face scan. To access the Silver Level (second level) from the Bronze level, click the right arrow at the top of the screen and draw your lock pattern. To access the Gold Level (third level) from the Silver level, click the right arrow and say your voice passphrase ( or type it)

It’s very simple. Enter the MyCena app and click on the blue ‘+’ circle in the bottom right-hand corner. The ‘Create Password’ screen will appear. Type the url you want to create an account for and the app will find its icon. Or click on the globe icon and select any photo to represent that account. Type your login for this account then click Generate Password as many times as you like. Finally, select the security level to save the password in, and click ‘Save’.

Yes, users can download the MyCena mobile app on multiple iOS and Android devices. Then click ‘I already have an account’ and to create a new password fortress on the new device using the same account. To synchronize passwords on the new device, see How do I synchronize passwords across multiple devices?

Cloud password managers centralise and store your passwords on physical cloud servers. By putting all your eggs in the same basket, those servers create a target point that is a very attractive for hackers. We believe decentralising the storage of key assets like passwords is structurally more sound, distributing the risk of loss/ theft across the whole population.

A master password is a password you need to remember that can open all your accounts at once. If a thief knows your master password, they can access all your accounts, making the master password another single point of failure.

There are 4 billion passwords for sale on the dark web. 81% of data breaches start with a password, either stolen, reused. The reason is 99% of people still use bad passwords like iloveyou, name1234 or birthdays. But those passwords are your keys in the digital world. They open the doors to your social, shopping or banking accounts, making them very attractive for hackers. So, it’s critical to use strong unique passwords for each account like fa8ZDaQM98h$2FS to help us stay safe online.

MyCena takes the worry of passwords out of you. MyCena generates strong passwords, encrypts and protects them on your local device under three levels of security only you can open.

MyCena is based on a fully distributed risk model and is the safest way to keep your passwords. Your passwords are not stored on the cloud but locally and there is no master password, removing central points of failure. Instead MyCena transforms each mobile device into an electronic password fortress with three levels of security that only the user can open with a combination of fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN, lock pattern and voice passphrase.

MyCena offers three levels of security Bronze, Silver or Gold. We recommend to choose the Level save each password depending on its sensitivity - in Bronze, Silver or Gold Level, MyCena’s three levels of security. To access Bronze Level, you need your fingerprint, face recognition or PIN. Once in Bronze Level, to access Silver Level you need your lock pattern. Once in Silver Level, to access Gold Level you need your voice passphrase.

MyCena Personal Fortress is free to download from the App Store and Google Play and comes with a 30-day free trial. After 30 days, you can buy either an annual or monthly password protection. If you choose not to renew, you can still see passwords you already created, but all your passwords will be moved to Bronze Level. You won’t be able to create new passwords or edit passwords, connect your MyCena app to your desktop with our web extension ( Chrome, Safari, Firefox), share encrypted passwords, use Travel mode, make backups or synchronise multiple devices.

MyCena is the first decentralised password management system not on the cloud, with no master password and with three levels of security. MyCena Personal Fortress is a security mobile solution downloadable from the App Store and Google Play.

To stop hackers getting into your system, MyCena strengthens, encrypts and protects your passwords locally. Unlike cloud password managers, MyCena is a decentralised solution that does not store passwords on the cloud, nor use a master password to access all other passwords, meaning passwords are not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Instead, MyCena transforms each mobile device into a password fortress with three levels of security that only the user can open with a combination of fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN, locking pattern and voice passphrase. Therefore their passwords are safe in their pocket accessible at all times.