Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyCena Password Fortress and why is it different?

MyCena Password Fortress is a password security mobile application for iOS and Android devices. MyCena turns your mobile device into an electronic password vault with three levels of security that include fingerprint, PIN or facial scan (iPhone X only) for Bronze Level, lock pattern for Silver Level and voice passphrase for Gold Level.

Unlike password managers that save your passwords on the cloud, MyCena saves your encrypted passwords locally, inside your device. And whereas password managers use a master password to unlock all other passwords, creating a single point of failure, MyCena uses identifications, including biometrics so that you – and only you – can access your passwords.

Does MyCena Password Fortress have a free plan?

MyCena Password Fortress is free to download and comes with a 30-day free trial. After 30 days, you can subscribe either to an annual or monthly plan. If you choose not to subscribe, you will be able to view the passwords that you registered during the free trial, but they will all reside in the Bronze Level and you won’t be able to create new passwords or change existing ones.

How does MyCena Password Fortress work and are my passwords safe?

MyCena Password Fortress is the safest way to keep your passwords. Your passwords are not stored on the cloud but locally, turning your device into an electronic password vault.

First, Mycena generates strong, unique passwords. Then you choose where to save each password depending on its sensitivity – in Bronze, Silver or Gold Level, MyCena’s three levels of security. Your passwords are now safe in your pocket with no need to remember a master password. To access your passwords, you use a combination of fingerprint, PIN or facial scan (IPhone X only) to access the Bronze level, lock pattern for the Silver Level and voice password for Gold Level. You – and only you – can access your passwords.

Why should I use MyCena Password Fortress?

Passwords open the front door to our digital world, from banking and retail, to entertainment and social accounts. Depending on how active you are online, you might have upwards of 50 passwords to remember. And since we can’t remember that many passwords, many people reuse passwords across accounts or variations of a password. These weak passwords are easy and quick to hack – over 80% of cyber breaches are linked to weak, re-used or stolen passwords. So, it’s critical that we utilise strong access security to help us stay safe online. MyCena Password Fortress generates strong passwords for you, stores them as encrypted file on your local device, and employs three levels of security and biometric ID to ensure that your passwords are safe and can only be accessed by you.

Why does MyCena Password Fortress use no master password and no cloud storage?

Cloud password managers are easy and convenient as you only need to remember a master password to get access to all your other passwords. However, centralised passwords residing behind a master passwords offer a single point of failure – what happens if your master password is compromised or hacked? The risk is the same as if you had one single key to open everything in your physical world: you risk losing everything.

The other important issue to note is that password managers store passwords on the same servers for millions of people. Such servers constitute a glittering prize for cyber-criminals and hackers – and if they get hacked, millions of people are instantly affected.

Can I use my MyCena Password Fortress account on multiple devices?

Yes, you can download MyCena Password Fortress mobile app on multiple iOS and Android devices. Click ‘I already have an account’ and create a new fortress on the new device using the same account. To synchronise your passwords on the new device, go to ‘How do I synchronise passwords on multiple devices?’

How do I synchronise passwords on multiple devices?

On device 1: Click on your MyCena app and enter your PIN / fingerprint to access the Bronze Level. In the top left-hand corner, click Menu / Settings. Inside Settings, click ‘Synchronise passwords’. As your passwords are temporarily saved to the cloud, you need to be connected to the internet.

On device 2: Download the MyCena app. Click ‘I already have an account’ and create a fortress on the new device using the same account. Once you’re inside your fortress, click Menu / Settings. Inside Settings, click ‘Synchronise passwords’ – please check that you’re connected to the internet. Your passwords are now on device 2. Make sure you delete the temporary backup.

How often shall I backup or synchronise my passwords?

Passwords are like your keys. If you regularly have new passwords, it’s a good idea to run a regular backup and / or synchronise your passwords. That way, losing your set of ‘keys’ is not going to be as troublesome, as you know you have a copy.

There are two backup options:

  1. Synchronise your passwords between devices e.g. if your MyCena app is on your phone, you can download it to a tablet or second phone. In Settings, see ‘How to synchronise passwords on multiple devices’
  2. Once you’ve backed up, you can export the backup to your phone or synchronise with your secondary device.

In both cases, your passwords are encrypted and unusable without your account.

Why should I delete my passwords from the cloud after synchronising my passwords?

While the cloud is mostly safe, major data breaches regularly make the headlines. We believe the cloud to be an attractive target for hackers and don’t recommend keeping your passwords on the cloud. That’s why after each synchronisation, we strongly recommend our users to delete their passwords from the cloud. You can do this by going to Settings and clicking on ‘Delete temporary backup’.  

How are my passwords encrypted and stored?

Your passwords are encrypted using SHA-256 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm and saved inside your device. You are the only one with access to your passwords so make sure you backup your passwords on a regular basis, and save the encrypted file somewhere safe. You can also synchronise your passwords between multiple devices.

Do you have a backup of my passwords?

No. We can’t see your passwords and we don’t store them. Only you have access to your passwords, so make sure you regularly backup or synchronise your passwords in case you lose your main device.

Can I use MyCena Password Fortress on both my iOS and Android devices?

Yes, you can use MyCena on multiple iOS and Android devices for the same account. In Settings, see ‘How to synchronise passwords on multiple devices’.

What if I don’t have fingerprint or Face ID on my phone?

To access the Bronze Level in MyCena, you can set up fingerprint, PIN or facial scan (iPhone X only) depending on your device and preference. To access the Silver Level, set up your lock pattern. To access the Gold Level, set up your voice passphrase.

What if my fingerprint doesn’t work anymore?

If your fingerprint doesn’t work anymore, you won’t be able to access your passwords on that device and will need to reset your account. This is an instance when making regular backups comes into its own!

Delete the app from your device and download it again. Click ‘I already have an account’ and create a new MyCena Password Fortress. Go to Settings and click ‘Upload passwords’ and select the backup file.

Note: your backup will only work for the account it has been created with. If you create a new account with a new email address, you will not be able to upload the passwords backup.

What if my voice passphrase doesn’t work?

Voice passphrase gives you access to your Gold Level accounts – the third and most secure level of protection. If your passphrase doesn’t work, go back to Bronze or Silver Level, click Menu / Settings and reset them.

Note: To access Settings, you need to enter Bronze or Silver Level, then enter the SMS code sent to the registered device, and answer the security questions.

How do I access my passwords?

Your MyCena Password Fortress gives you three levels of security. To access the Bronze Level (your access level), you need to use your fingerprint, PIN or facial scan. To access the Silver Level (next one up) from the Bronze level, click the green, right-hand arrow and draw your lock pattern. To access the Gold Level (third, and most secure level) from the Silver level, click the green, right-hand arrow and you say your voice passphrase.

How do I use a password on MyCena?

To use a password, open the right level where the password was saved. You can type in the name of the website or login in the search bar to find the right account. Tap on the account to open it. If you want to see the password, tap the view icon.

Note: If you use the password on the same mobile device, you can tap on the password to copy it, then paste it into the right screen. If you use ChromeBook, you can copy the password from the desktop and paste it into the right screen.

How do I create a new password?

Creating a password is simple. Enter your MyCena app and click on the blue ‘+’ circle in the bottom right-hand corner. The ‘Create password’ screen will appear. Type in the url you want to create a password for and the app will find its icon. You can also click on the globe icon and select any photo you want to represent that account. Type your login for this account then click ‘Generate Passwordas many times as you like to find a password that suits you. MyCena generates strong passwords by default. You can alter the suggested password as much as you like or are required to. Choose the level you would like to save it and tap ‘Save’.

How do I edit a password or change its security level?

Editing a password is easy. Click on the account you want to change. Click on ‘Edit’. You can edit the url, login, password, notes and level of security. Click ‘Save’.

How do I add or change an icon to a password?

If the website has an icon, MyCena will display it automatically when you type the full website address like Some websites don’t have an icon, so you can add one by clicking on the globe icon and selecting a photo or downloaded the icon from your device.

What type of information can I save in MyCena Password Fortress?

MyCena Password Fortress is primarily to keep your passwords safe. But you are free to store anything valuable like crypto-wallet keychain, filevault encryption key, credit card PIN and CSV, secret questions and answers… only you will know.

What does MyCena mean?

MyCena was founded by Julia O’Toole through a personal need to solve her password security issues. But if necessity is the mother of all invention, a trip back in time inspired the solution. A few years ago while visiting the ancient Greek city of Mycenae, a simple logic applied in the late Bronze Age caught Julia’s attention. The Mycenaeans had built their city inside three concentric walls of protection: the first gate protected the city, the second gate the garrison, the third gate the King and his palace. Applying that logic, Mycena Password Fortress was launched with the mission to make password security as simple as possible while ensuring absolute protection for its users.

Why do I need three levels of passwords?

By having three levels of security, we spread the risk of losing all your passwords at once. We advise putting less sensitive passwords in the Bronze Level; for example,  non-personal and non-financial accounts like newsletter subscriptions. When you open Bronze Level you don’t compromise your more sensitive passwords. We suggest putting medium sensitivity passwords in the Silver Level like your social channel passwords. Finally, we recommend putting highly sensitive passwords in the Gold Level; for example anything financial like banking and credit cards.

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