Frequently Asked Questions

MyCena takes after the 3000 year-old Ancient Greek city of Mycenae. It’s where MyCena founder Julia O’Toole saw the solution to her password problem. See “About Us”

By having three levels of security, MyCena Business distributes the risk of exposing all their passwords at once. For example, you don’t expose Gold level passwords when you just need a news site password. We advise:

• Putting less sensitive passwords in Bronze Level, for example newsletter subscriptions

• Putting medium sensitivity passwords in Silver Level, for example your social accounts

• Putting highly sensitive passwords in Gold Level, for example banking and credit cards.

MyCena Business Fortress is a solution for protecting passwords. However you can use it to store anything valuable: crypto-wallet keychain, filevault encryption keys, credit card PIN and CSV, secret questions and answers… Noone else would know but you.

You can use a 4-digit PIN instead. Make sure your sensitive passwords are kept deeper in the vault, in Silver or Gold.

Yes. If you have multiple iOS and Android devices, you can install MyCena Business Fortress on all of them using the same account. See ‘How to synchronize passwords on multiple devices’.

No. Passwords are generated and stored locally. Noone else but the user can access his/her passwords, neither the Manager nor our company. This is the application of password decentralisation where each user has a fortress only he/she can access. For that reason, it is very important each user makes regular backup copies of their passwords, just like their local files.

Passwords are encrypted using AES-SHA256 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm and stored inside their device. Each account has a unique key meaning the encrypted passwords or backup works for this account only.

We recommend it as a measure of precaution as we don’t want to create a centralised repository of millions of passwords, no matter how safe or encrypted the cloud server and the passwords are. Without a honeypot destination, there is nothing for hackers to see or crack. After a synchronization and after you deactivate Travel Mode , we recommend you delete the temporary copy from the cloud.

Backup frequency is set by the manager and depends on the organization’s password policy. Your passwords are your keys, so by default we send backup reminder to all users every week.

Enter MyCena Business Fortress app. On the top left hand corner, click Menu then Settings. Once in Settings, click ‘Backup passwords’ and export an encrypted .mycena file of your passwords to a location of your choice. Don’t save it on the same device as it would defeat the purpose of a backup. Prefer emailing it to your desktop or saving it on a USB key. 2.Synchronize passwords across multiple devices. See ‘How to synchronize passwords on multiple devices?’. In both cases, users’ passwords are encrypted and unusable without their account and without MyCena.

On first device: Enter MyCena Business Fortress app. On the top left hand corner, click Menu then Settings. Once in Settings, click ‘Synchronize passwords’. Your passwords are temporarily saved to the cloud. On second device : Download MyCena Business Fortress app. Click ‘I already have an account’ and create a password vault using the same account. Once the password vault created , click Menu then Settings. Once inside Settings, click ‘Synchronize passwords’. Passwords are now synchronized to second device. Please note you need an internet connection for synchronization. Remember to delete the temporary backup from the cloud, that can be done from either device from Settings.

If the website has an icon, MyCena Business Fortress app will upload it automatically when your type the full website address i.e. If a website doesn’t have an icon, you can add one by clicking on the globe icon and select a photo or icon from your device.

Open the individual password screen tap ‘Edit’. Make changes as required to url, login, password, notes or level of security. Click ‘Save’.

Passwords are like your keys. If you regularly have new passwords, it’s a good idea to regularly save a backup and / or synchronise your passwords across your devices. If you ever lose your device and your ‘keys’, you can always find a copy to reload.

Type url or login in search bar to find the right account. Find the level where the account was saved. Once you see the icon, tap the account to open then touch the password to copy. Click the password field then select Paste. Use MyCena web extension to copy passwords from your mobile device to your desktop.

Employees open MyCena Business Fortress app on their mobile and click on the blue ‘+’ circle at the bottom right-hand corner. The ‘Create Password’ screen will appear with an auto-generated strong password. After they type in the url, the site icon will be uploaded. Or they can select any icon by touching the globe icon. They fill in their login, select a security level then click ‘Save’.

Yes. Each user can download the MyCena Business Fortress app on multiple iOS and Android devices. To use the same account, click ‘I already have an account’ and follow the instructions to create a new password vault. To synchronize passwords on the new device, go to ‘How to synchronize passwords on multiple devices?’’

A password vault contain all the keys to the kingdom in a single central location and creates a “honeypot” for hackers. A master password is like the hotel manager’s key that opens all the rooms in the hotel. Both are single points of failure, meaning if they get hacked, all passwords are stolen.

81% of cyber breaches are linked to weak, reused or stolen passwords. In other words, passwords are the single biggest source of risks for your organization. As businesses continue to become more digital, their need for passwords also increases, enlarging the surface of attack for hackers. With 3 billion stolen credentials for sale online and 90% of login attempts operated by bots, every single password used should be unique and strong. Yet humans cannot remember hundreds of strong unique passwords and revert to reusing passwords or variations. Consequently password security has become the weakest link in cybersecurity, which hackers continue to gleefully exploit. If you don’t have password protection for your business, it is only a matter of time before hackers get you too. MyCena Business Fortress helps everyone in your organization generate strong passwords by default and store them locally under three levels of security.

MyCena Business Fortress is based on a segmented access and distributed model. Because passwords are not centralized but saved locally, each user stays in control of their passwords. After the manager has created a Business Account and uploaded the list of users, individual users receive instructions on download the app on the App Store or Google Play, and create a digital password fortress with three levels of security. Once set up, user can generate strong, unique passwords and save them under Bronze, Silver or Gold level, MyCena’s three levels of security. To access their passwords, users employ a combination of fingerprint, PIN or facial ID to access the Bronze level, lock pattern for the Silver level and voice passphrase for Gold level.

MyCena Business offers a 30-day free trial for your organization. It’s simple to set up: Create an account and start uploading your employees’ details. Choose our annual or monthly plan. After 30 days, you will be charged for the number of seats you selected. If you decide not to renew after 30 days, old passwords will all for view-only in Bronze level.

Suitable for organizations holding sensitive information, MyCena Business is a password security mobile application for iOS and Android devices. MyCena Business turns your mobile device into an electronic password vault with three levels of security that include fingerprint, PIN or facial scan (only on devices that support this feature) for Bronze Level, lock pattern for Silver Level and voice passphrase for Gold Level.

Unlike cloud password managers that save your passwords on the cloud, MyCena Business saves your encrypted passwords locally, inside your device. Unlike other password managers, you don’t get a master password that access all your other passwords, creating a single point of failure. MyCena Business uses identifications, including biometrics so that only the user can access their passwords.